Coaches Spectacular F.A.Q.


General Info

What is cost of admission?

There is NO charge for admission.

Where do gymnast check-in?

There is no gymnast check-in. They should check-in with coaches on competition floor.


Do you have a registration form for your meet?


All registrations must be entered via the USAG Meet Reservation System found at


Mail check with entry fee to Cincinnati Gymnastics * 3635 Woodridge Blvd * Fairfield OH 45014

Where do I mail regristation form and payments?

We prefer you email our registration form to and mail payments to…

CGA Parents Club

Attn: Meet Director

3635 Woodridge Blvd.

Fairfield, OH  45014

What is the cutoff date for registration?

The completed registration form and full payment is due by November 15th. Don’t forget we need leo sizes for your girls and need that information included on the registration form.

Can I send a deposit to hold a spot for my gymnasts?

Yes a deposit of $500 can be mailed in order to reserve a place for your gym. You must include estimated number of gymnasts by level along with deposit.

Can I send my registration form via email?

Yes, we encourage you to fill out our registration form and email it to  You must also mail $500 deposit in order to secure spot.

What are the gymnast entry fees and team fee?

  • Level 2 = $100
  • Level 3 – 5 = $110
  • Level 6 – 10 = $130
  • All Xcel =$100
  • Team Fee = $60

When is the full payment due?

Full payment is due by November 15th. At that time, you must also send a complete list of competing gymnasts along with their level, usag #, birthdate and leo size.

What constitues a team and how is team score calculated?

A team is made up of at least 3 gymnast in a level. The team score combines the top 3 scores from each event.

Is the team fee required?

The team fee is required for every level where you have 3 or more gymnasts. You must pay a team fee to participate in the team awards.  Please discuss any special circumstances with meet director.


If a refund is request before your Refund Date, when will refund check be mailed?

The last day to scratch for a full refund is December 1st. 

Refund checks will be distributed to the coaches at the meet.

Can we register a new gymnast in the place of a gymnast that can no longer compete?

We always do our best to accommodate special request. We will make substitutions if possible. If they are at different levels and the entry fee is a different amount, payments may be due or refunded.


How is the competition age of a gymnast determined?

Competition ages for all gymnasts are based on the last day of our CGA Coaches Spectacular meet.

How are age groups determined for each session?

Age groups for awards are established by dividing the gymnast by age and birth date into approximately equal groups. The number of age groups per session is determined by the number of gymnasts in the session.

What meet format is used?

We use a modified capitol cup format. For this format, there are two sets of equipment in each gym. The gymnasts will warm-up and compete on the same piece of equipment at each event.


Which gymnast will be receiving awards?

  •  Level 2 and Level 3: the top 50% on events and 100% for All-Around
  • Levels 4,5,6,7,8,9, & 10: top 1/3 on events and top 50% for All-Around
  • Xcel: top 1/3 on events and top 50% for All-Around

How many team awards are given?

There are 3 team awards given in each session.

Where are awards held?

Awards will be held immediately after each session in the award rooms upstairs. There will be signs labeling which award room coincides with gym A,B, and C.


When will the competition schedule be posted?

The competition schedule will be posted on this website in mid-December.

Can we find out when our gymnasts will be competing before the schedule is posted online?

No, we cannot guarantee the exact day and time they will compete until all registrations are in and processed.

Will Xcel gymnasts be competing in the same sessions as USAG teams?

Yes, Xcel teams may be in the same session as USAG teams but are not competing against those teams.

The All-Star Showdown

What is The All-Star Showdown?

Please click here for information about the All-Star Showdown.

Hotel Information

How do I make reservations at one of the host hotels?

Hotels offering special Coaches Spectacular discounted rates can be found here.  Please book through this link to ensure you receive the discounted rate.  Calling the hotel directly does not guarantee the meet rate.

What are the host hotels for the meet?

The host hotels are Marriott RiverCenter, Cincinnati/Covington Courtyard by Marriott and Embassy Suites Riverfront.

These hotels offer significantly discounted rates over rates for comparable hotels in the area.

The Marriott River Center is attached to the meet venue via Skywalk

The Embassy Suites hotel is directly across the street from the meet venue.

The Courtyard by Marriott is just a short walk of approximately 3 blocks from the meet venue.

To ensure you receive the discounted meet rate, please use this link to make your hotel reservations.

Who do I call if I need assitance making hotel reservation?

Before December 29th, please call (877) 465-9282 and the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau will be available to assist you. Please note that this support is only available Monday – Friday from 10am until 4pm Eastern time. The best method for making reservations is through the hotel reservations link found here.

After  December 29th, contact the hotels directly

How do I make changes to my hotel reservation?

Through December 29th  you may change your reservation on the Passkey website, which can be found here.

After December 29th, please contact the hotel directly.

How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

Before December 29th you may use the Hotel Reservation Link or call the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau at (877)465-9282 to cancel with no penalty. After December 29th please contact the hotels directly for details on their cancellation policies.